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Featured Works

  • Niralibottle.jpg

    Nirali, L. N. Engineering

    Nirali - All Day

    Establishing identity through product design is a challenge in strict manufacturing constraints. All Day vacuum insulated bottles played in the same space to look different.

    Product Design

    November 2009

  • mangeshikar mist closed.349.jpg

    Dr. Prashant & Dr. Abhishek Mangeshikar

    Mangeshikars' MIST

    The Personal Laparoscopic Trainer facilitates to extend the practice hours for surgery students beyond the lab.

    Available at

    Product Design | Brand Design | Brand Management
    January 2017

  • IMG_3511_edited.jpg

    Hasbro India LLP

    Hasbro Product Catalogue

    Going digital was the new trend, yet Hasbro while dealing with its Indian retailers had to stick to print media designed as a bridge to the digital format. 

    Publication Design | Brand Communication
    May 2018

  • Vasoptic Medical ophthalmascope.jpg

    Vasoptic Medical Inc.

    Digital Ohthalmoscope

    The unit intends to eliminate the skill of an ophthalmologist to identify conditions like glaucoma by processing an image taken by it's camera through an AI based software. 

    Product Design | Product Engineering

    October 2012

  • Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 7.55.04 pm cop



    Notstark was India's first avenue for creators to sell their product online without making them at all. As the name suggested it was for them who were not Starck.

    Strategy | Product Design | Branding | Brand Management

    April 2014

  • SFS retail mini bank.png

    SFS Business Solutions

    SFS Retail Micro Banking

    Financial services were getting easier by the day but not yet ready to eliminate the human element which is how an interface of physical nature was needed.

    Retail Design | Space Design | Product Design
    September 2012

  • Vivek Amberkar Mumbai Monorail NID.jpg

    MMRDA / NID, Ahmedabad

    Mumbai Monorail

    While Mumbai dealt with daily mundane travel an element of playfulness was required to cheer them up, which was the attempt with the tricolour scheme for the Monorail. 

    Design Research | Design Thinking | Branding

    June 2011

  • Dyna Hi-tech SMPSa.jpg

    Dyna Hi-tech

    Dyna Hi-Tech SMPS

    Industrial equipments are  ignored when it comes to design as it doesn't add value. The SMPS then becomes iconic by looking good but with no deviation in the manufacturing cost.  

    Product Design | Branding
    June 2009

  • Vivek Amberkar LG Artistic Monitor.JPG

    LG NID ICSID - LG artistic monitor project

    LG Artistic Monitor

    Cultural richness of the directors country was to be presented on LG monitors as part of the company's presence at the ICSID board, later displayed at CeBIT.

    Product Design | Product Graphics
    May 2008

  • SFS Business Solutions

    SFS Skybill Dropbox 

    Though private the Skybill boxes were public installations 
    designed to resist 
    vandalism, also improve efficiency of the core function other than raising money while sitting idle

    Product Design | Brand Extension | Product Engineering
    May 2012

  • Vivek Amberkar Aquergy Metaflame_edited.


    Metaflame - HHO Metal Cutter

    A cutting flame generated by 6 bottles of Oxygen and Acetylene was replaced flame generated by a 1 litre of water which is how, Metaflame found its application in the ship wrecking industry. 

    Product Design | Product Engineering

    April 2014

  • Vivek Amberkar NSCI signage pink.png


    NSCI - Signage

    NSCI SVP stadium aspired to stand in line with all of international venues which called for an iconic brand name and identity along with all space communication.

    Branding | Way finding | Brand Communications

     March 2013

  • Johari Digital

    Winstim Plus

    Winstim Plus is modular device for non invasive clinical procedures like face tightening or fat breakdown, an entry point for the company in the space calling for iconic product design

    Product Design

    April 2010

  • Vivek Amberkar Mumbai Local NID.jpg


    Mumbai Suburban Railways - MRVC

    Breaking linearity hence the monotony in the routine life of a Mumbaikar was the core of the Livery design for the new rakes for MRVC.

    Branding | Product Design

    June 2012

  • Vivek Amberkar Reva Zephyr.jpg

    Reva Electric Car Company

    Reva Zephyr

    Reva was already ahead of its time, to carve in further in variants needed to be built to make the car brand able to 
    penetrate through the market

    Vehicle Design | Styling

    February 2008

  • Vivek Amberkar Nirali Toaster.jpg

    Nirali, L. N. Engineering

    Nirali Classic Plus Toaster

    Tell people more about the classes you offer. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection to display dynamic content.

    Product Design
    April 2010

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