Untold Stories by students of Singapore International School, Mumbai

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Illustrating meaningful images to convey the impact of stories

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Nayi Soch Nayi Jagruti

As part of the annual book the students of Singapore International School, write poetry or short stories. Visuals add a definite narrative to text of any sort by completing the loop of imagination. The above illustration was made for a text written by a grade 4 student which speaks about a old person who was modern in his thoughts and a guiding light for may around in his time and beyond.

La Musica Mi Passion

La musica mi passion, spoke about the love for music, the author, a grade 8 student had, and how his passion added an element of enjoyment to his life.

While Sher Raja is a fragment of imagination of a 4th grader about the king of the jungle the Lion. The king is hence out of a fairy tale wearing a crown bearing the flags of his kingdom, standing tall on a peak.

Sher Raja

Illustrations by Dattaprasad Mestry.