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Asian Paints Manohar

Branding inspired by Gujarat

Gujarati homes have several types of motifs and vernacular artistic impressions it incorporates in the design of interiors. This is visible through wood carvings, stone carvings, imprints in furnishings, wall paintings etc. The homes especially Bohrwad legacy, use ornately carved wooden facades for their homes. House interior showcase play of light and shadow with help of mass and void banter. Symmetry is an integral part and so is a variety of hues and shades. Pol houses use jail work which serve as a barrier against the hot summers. Materials used were timber, stone, brick and mortar.

A traditional gujarati home is like a page in the golden history of times. Contemporary homes attempt to weave the same magic imbibing bits and pieces of the traditions. Blend of vernacular architecture and requisite modernity in the architecture.

The name ‘Manohar’ which literally translates into beautiful or sundar as they would describe in hindi, is the epitome of beauty. The regional script logo added the authentic flavour to the graphic symbolism of toran which often is used at the entrance of Indian homes even today.

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