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Asian Paints Manohar Regional Colourtool 2020

Research & Design development for an exclusive colourtool for the home décor segment of Gujarat

Gujarat is a state of vibrant colours and beautiful culture. Ornate forms are an integral part of Gujarat’s homes. Adorning things made by hand reflect the houses of Kutch and wood work of havelis in old Ahmedabad. The cover design is a picturesque amalgamation of decorative pillars, bright hues and graceful forms that speak of the tasteful décor sensibilities of Gujarat. The colour palette reflects the rich yet classy aesthetics harmoniously set into a haveli exterior. The ‘toran’ is a vibrant ornamental decoration used on the entrance doorways of homes in India especially Gujarat.

The colourtool project started as a research project focusing on designing the regional book representing the cities of Gujarat, the people of the different states, reflections of their taste and cultural essence. We designed and developed beautiful journies into 6 thematic stories inspired by wall art techniques of Bhuj and Ahmedabad, textile & embroidery of Gujarat, art & craft of Kutch, Vibrancy of festivals, Architecture and wood work and the food of Gujarat. The book illustrated these themes through pictorial murals to capture the essence of the story. We also worked on developing relevant colour plettes and combinations for décor consumers.

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