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Taking Cinema to the villages with Caravan Talkies

Bringing Cinema to Every Corner of India

Caravan Talkies is a visionary initiative aimed at democratizing Indian cinema by reaching even the remotest villages that lack a traditional movie hall. Our mission is to provide an immersive cinematic experience to these underserved communities. We achieve this by deploying a state-of-the-art movie projection system on a specially designed truck that travels to seven villages surrounding a small town. While the movie screenings are offered to the public at no cost, we recover operational expenses through creative advertising and brand activations.
To ensure an unforgettable experience, we have meticulously designed the Caravan Talkies truck. It serves as a mobile entertainment hub, equipped with a top-of-the-line movie projection system and several additional features. The truck not only functions as a cinema on wheels but also incorporates a small shop space, a performance platform, and a dynamic signage system. Throughout the daylight hours, these additional elements are active in the local marketplace, engaging with the community and creating a vibrant atmosphere. As the sun sets, the truck transforms into a movie theater, bringing the magic of cinema to life under the starry night sky.
Caravan Talkies proudly collaborated with UFO Movies, our esteemed client, in designing and fabricating the prototype for this groundbreaking project. Our team of dedicated designers and fabricators worked closely with UFO Movies to bring their vision to reality. By combining our expertise in design innovation and their deep industry knowledge, we created a mobile cinema solution that redefines movie-watching experiences in rural India.
Caravan Talkies is committed to taking the magic of Indian cinema to every corner of the country. Through our mobile movie screenings, we bring joy, entertainment, and a sense of togetherness to villages that have long yearned for this cultural connection. Experience the power of movies, connect with brands, and be part of the transformation as Caravan Talkies revolutionizes access to cinema in India.

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