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All works featured on this website are designed at Vivek Amberkar Product Design or by Vivek Amberkar or Payal Amberkar or any other team member independently directly involved or associated as part in the process of design wherever mentioned. 


Clients or individual employers are owners and hold the copyright / IPR to their respective works/projects and trademarks. 

Projects executed for National Institute of Design, employed Vivek Amberkar as associate designer for mentioned projects. Reva Zephyr was executed as part of internship of Vivek Amberkar, independently at RECC Pvt. Ltd. in 2008.  

Creative elements, concepts or works shall not be duplicated or distributed without direct and official consent by Vivek Amberkar Product Design.

This online document portfolio is created solely for showcasing skills, creativity and diversity of work of the studio towards prospects of obtaining new projects and associations.

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