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Aquergy Metaflame

Engineering Excellence for Harsh Environments

Aquergy, a Surat-based startup partnered with us to develop a HHO gas (Brown Gas) generator specifically tailored for the ship wrecking industry with a mission is to redefine the metal cutting process by introducing a cutting-edge solution that offers exceptional performance, durability, and mobility.
We recognized the critical importance of designing an enclosure that can withstand the demanding operational environment while ensuring ease of movement. We have meticulously crafted an enclosure by employing low-volume production techniques, we have successfully utilized sheet metal fabrication with simple bending procedures, making it feasible to execute with standard tools.
In the ship wrecking industry, the operational environment is exceptionally challenging, exposing equipment to caustic elements. Aquergy's HHO gas generator is engineered to thrive in such conditions, offering unmatched resilience and longevity. Our enclosure design ensures optimal protection for the internal components, safeguarding against corrosive elements and ensuring reliable performance even in the harshest settings.
Recognizing the need for flexibility and mobility in ship wrecking operations, we have prioritized portability in our HHO gas generator design. The meticulously crafted enclosure facilitates effortless transportation, enabling seamless movement around work sites. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly solution that enhances operational efficiency, allowing for smooth metal cutting operations in diverse locations.

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