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Asian Paints Berger – Royale Colour Collective Guide

Developing a inspirational décor book specifically for the Bahrain Market

Asian Paints Berger brand team approached us with a need to design the first inspirational guide for the brand ‘Royale’ a luxury interior emulsion range paint product. The Middle Eastern market had always worked with a shadecard format and now they wanted to offer something new to their clients.

Our team conceptualized a colourtool that would work as a guide and information booklet to portray inspirational stories through the use of colour palettes, décor styles and also share some décor tips for the home owners. We developed five themes for the book - Neutral, Bright, Subtle, Regal and Trendy. These themes help celebrate aspirations and capture the dreams of a truly remarkable home. We also ensured the guide was a self use tool to ensure if any customer wanted to browse through it at home they could easily build their own colourful stories.

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