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Colourful and impactful visual experience for retail merchandiser

Retail Catalogue of the Year for Hasbro India PVT LTD.

Hasbro India Ltd. started operations in India a few years ago. They are a company dealing with toys and board games. The largest toy manufacturer in the world has many trademarks and products in their kitty. The design challenge we had was to offer them a systematic approach to re-design their Product Catalogues that were spread across the year. The information system was studied for all brands to develop a cohesive looking print publication which will focus on information hierarchy for the retailer. The challenge was to cater to the high end retailer and also to the small store retailers who often use this catalogue as a reference tool. We developed a grid that could work to harmonies information for all brands showcased in the book. We designed icons to simplify information within the catalogue and break away from cluttering the page. The content heavy approach for all products also made way to logical decision for simplifying index and make it a visual feast for the readers. The cover of the catalogue spoke about the brand through various imagery representing the gamut of ‘colourful & fun’ approach of the brand. We designed the cover to focus on the brand colours that would help us build a series within a year for various catalogues.

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