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Digital Opthalmoscope

Eye care has made immense technological advancements reducing the involved skill, by taking the digital route. The ophthalmoscope which we were offered to style up was one such technologically advanced product which rules out the expertise of the ophthalmologist, taking it to primary healthcare centers to analyze the retina for damage incurred by glaucoma or diabetic retina. The product had to reach wide and deep in rural pockets, be more accessible to benefit more and more people. With this understanding we had to make the product appear less complicated, less intimidating and very obviously soft and non hurting. Compared to the regular ophthalmoscope where the physician looks in from the other end, this has a digital camera and the physician takes a picture, this changed method called for completely revised ergonomics. A twist and lock mechanical switch was designed for two portable light sources, making it simple and quick for the physician to change the light source.

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