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Packaging for Mouth Freshener - Pranav Plastic

India has a rich food history and mouth fresheners have played an important role as a rich closing note to meals. Traditionally ‘paan’ and ‘supari’ (betel nut) used to be offered as mouth fresheners, usually decorated in ornate boxes made from brass or silver. This box was a must have for all households as part of social stature. Times have now changed and so have definitions of prestige and eventually the objects of possession reflecting it. The ‘Zippo’ lighter is one such product, shiny classy and offers some play to flaunt. Pranav plast approached us to get designed a modern day packaging for a mouth freshener for one of their clients, which was otherwise packaged in standard aluminum canisters. We decided to bridge the gap between the traditional ‘Paan box’ and the ‘Zippo’, offering proposals which the consumer could flaunt.

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