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Physiotherapy at Home : Exercyse

Exercise unit designed for the elderly

Committing to exercise is usually on ones mind. Yet while that on one hand committing to easing space for exercise equipment is quite a bothersome thought. The simplest home exercise equipment one buys and sets up at home is a exercise cycle which eventually ends up seconding to the clothes drying rack, also occupying a big chunk of your apartment space. The attempt was to make this exercise cycle less cumbersome and portable which could hide itself when not needed. 'Exercyse' was designed to be used while sitting in the comfort of your living room on your favourite chair or sofa and when done using, pull a plug, fold it and slide under your sofa. 'Exercyse' helps elderly people with knee or ankle medical conditions to exercise on the spot or at home with ease while watching their favourite cricket match on TV.

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