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Skybill Dropbox

Skybox was rebranded to ‘Skybill’. With the new brand a new look to the only tangible entity of the service was needed. Beyond the new look making the system efficient for the user and stake holder was also needed. The new box, by its design demanded complete respect from the service partner in the way it was to be mounted and maintained. It was designed to be installed and mounted in a specific manner only, either on its stand or the wall mount bracket. Intentionally no horizontal surfaces were created preventing the partner from keeping the box on the floor or any other material on top of the box, compromising the brand value for the service. The non horizontal surfaces prevent accumulation of dirt and water. The box was largely to collect cheques, which with the earlier orientation of the slot would lead to haphazard accumulation of drops in the box. The new slot was planned in a way the cheque was to drop in the box in a particular manner, increasing the capacity of the same box by 400%. The box was to be installed across a wide range of contexts from malls to 5-star hotels and could be used likewise effectively for monetization. Thus a modular approach was taken to install the client list which could be a simply a panel with a printed A4 sheet or a backlit panel with lenticular print or a LCD display flashing video advertisements along with the client list.

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