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Vijaya Bakery

Vijaya Bakery is a very famous and renowned bakery from a small town called ‘Malvan’ along the coastal region of Maharashtra, India. It already had expanded its reigns in near by districts and states, but now it wanted to move to the core market of Mumbai. They located a space in the city centre, a buzzing area called Parel. Traditionally occupied by mills and residences of mill workers, Parel is now the busiest corporate hub of Mumbai. Quite certainly the crowd, its mentality and dynamics had also changed. It was now the high speed young professionals which had to be attracted to the shop as against the usual laid back consumers which the bakery always had in the native city. A concept of ‘chai bar’ was brought in to place, keeping the key products secondary. This would be a place where people could quickly visit this place to have a sip of chai with a cookie or a toast or even a slice of cake. Once attracted the consumer was then diverted to the sale of the the key products through casual self service mode. A new, lame and simple service product now helped the key products and the brand to gain popularity.

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